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Top SEO tools for analyzing your website

Right now, many businesses and individuals would like literary kill for a top ranking website. With it comes more traffic, more exposure and better chances for customer conversion. Unfortunately, a top-ranked website will not come to you sitting; you have to work for it.

Top SEO tools for analyzing your website would go a long way to make your wish come true

Check my links

The last thing you would want on your website is a broken link. Your website will lose credibility, and that is how traffic will be no longer headed to your site. But with Check My Link you should not worry about a thing. This tool checks all your links identifying those working and those that are not.

SEO report card

SEO, Internet marketingIt is always important that you know how you are faring against your competitors. It gives the heads up on where you stand and what you should do to get at the top. And what a better way to know of that than using SEO Score Card. It shows you where you stand regarding site credibility, link building, and ease of access to other metrics.


This tool establishes where you stand with your current SEO strategy: whether you are on point or you are failing. And it does not stop there; you also get feedback on what you need to do to get your website up there in the top. With more than 70 metrics, it will be impossible to miss on the things you need to improve on. Woorank also makes it easy for your website visitors to download all those reports and reviews from your website.

Found’s SEO audit tool

Looking to get more out of your pages? This is the tool you need to get just that. It helps marketers identify all SEO errors and finding creative ways to solve them. These issues span from technical, content and external link analytics. With such power at your disposal, there is no single reason why your website will not be shooting to the stars.

Vardy’s SEO overview tool

SEO, This has to do with how your site is performing regarding the speed of access, links, social counts, mentions and sharing. It only takes less than a minute for a comprehensive report to be generated. Green checks will show matters that are good, yellow exclamation marks show issues that need your attention but are not very severe while red Xs show matters that need your immediate attention.

Google Webmaster tools

If you want to know what Google thinks about your site, the best way is to ask them. Google Webmaster Tools are friendly to use even for a novice. You will get to know how to make your site Google-friendly and how to respond to its changing algorithms. Now you have it all that matters to take your site to the top of the charts. With these tools, you have no reason not to get out all your potential and reach out to all those individuals out there.…

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