2018-01-09 business

Ways to improve your online business

With the growing trend of smartphone and the internet, there’s a lot of demand on content and online store in the web. A lot of people also have ditched their 9 to 5 life just to open up an online business, be it selling products or offering services to customers. And perhaps you’ve opened up your online store as well, but you’re not getting the attention or the customer that you need, well, worry no further. In this article, we’re going to provide some ways to improve your online business. Make sure to read this article to find out more about it.

marketingUsing an SEO service

Nowadays, a lot of big companies are using an SEO service, but what is an SEO service? SEO service is a service where they increase traffic on your website, which means more audience and more customers. And this way is more affordable and more effective compared to endorsing a celebrity which can cost a lot of bucks to pay. Another tip from us is to use local SEO services as they can cost a bit cheaper compared to an international SEO service, not to mention that sometimes you can try to haggle the price, although it is not recommended.

Using the wrong platform

The first thing you can do is putting up your products or services on the wrong platform, as when you’re using the wrong platform means you’re attracting the wrong audience. For example, Deviantart is a place where people post their drawings; if you’re trying to promote your writings, then it is not the place for you. Here, we have listed some platforms depending on what you’re offering. Instagram for photographies or short videos, YouTube for vlogs or videos, Deviantart for photographies and drawing, Wattpad if you like to write short stories or fanfiction. If you’re thinking to sell your used products or handmade products, eBay or Etsy is the place where you should sell your products.

No strategy at all

If your way of opening an online business is by posting your products or photo and then just leave it while expecting for customers to come in, then you’re not going to get the customers that you want. Try to make a strategy to attract more audience to your site or the products you’re selling, perhaps discount, or free counseling or free shipping, the list goes on. Make sure to create a strategy that is a win-win solution for you and your customer, as doing this will ensure some loyal customers on your business.…

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